Slayer A/T

All Terrain Adventure Tire

The Lexani “Slayer A/T” is the logical choice for All Terrain Adventure while maintaining a quiet, comfortable and reliable Highway riding experience!  You will experience all the benefits of A/T Off Road Performance with the confidence of knowing your ride on the asphalt will be uncompromised.  The Lexani Slayer tread design incorporates aggressive silica tread blocks for rain, mud, or snow performance with a unique unilateral center rib which enhances a long tread life and results in a smooth, tranquil and confident ride! Deep grooves and full depth sipes maintain reliable off-road performance with the added benefits of a pleasant highway riding experience!


Available in the following sizes:

Tire Size Road Rating
215/65R16 98T
215/65R17 99T
225/70R16 103T
255/60R18 112T
265/50R20 111S
265/60R18 110T
265/65R17 112T
265/70R16 112T
Tire Size Road Rating
265/70R17 115S
275/55R20 117S
275/65R18 116T
285/55R20 119S
285/60R18 120S
305/50R20 120S
305/60R18 120S
Tire Size Road Rating
LT265/75R16 123/120Q
LT285/60R18 122/119Q
LT285/70R17 121/118Q
LT285/75R16 126/123Q
LT325/60R18 124/121Q
LT325/65R18 127/124Q

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