Economical Passenger Tire

Lexani tire’s beautifully designed passenger tire features four straight wide circumferential grooves which reduce hydroplaning to a minimum. The solid center rib ensures excellent stability and handling while the symmetric tread pattern design offers comfort and a quiet ride. Further, the optimized pitch sequence of the tread block reduces noise. The very latest in tread compounds also improve handling and result in a long lasting tire! All of these attributes, coupled with an economical price ensure a tremendous value.

Treadwear: 380
Traction: A
Temp: A


Available in the following sizes:

Tire Size Road Rating
185/60R15 84
185/65R15 88
195/55R15 85
195/60R15 88
195/65R15 91
Tire Size Road Rating
205/55R16 91
205/60R15 91
205/60R16 92
205/65R15 94
205/65R16 95
Tire Size Road Rating
215/60R16 95
215/65R15 96
215/65R16 98
225/60R16 98

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