All Season Economical Vehicle Tire

Lexani’s true all-season tire is specifically manufactured for economical vehicles, while providing a wonderful driving experience in terms of overall performance and handling! The LXM-101’s unique tread pattern ensures excellent shock absorption thus providing increased driving comfort! The computer engineered tread pattern which features 4 longitudinal main grooves with changing pitches and 5 continuous tread blocks featuring lateral grooves on the shoulder and crown ensure improved traction and overall handling capability! The result is a comfortable, quiet and safe riding experience while maintaining precise braking, handling and driving stability.

Treadwear: 420
Traction: A
Temp: A


Available in the following sizes:

Tire Size Road Rating
155/80R13 79T
175/65R14 82T
175/70R13 82T
175/70R14 84T
Tire Size Road Rating
185/60R14 82H
185/65R14 86T
185/70R13 86T
185/70R14 88T
Tire Size Road Rating
195/60R14 86T
195/70R14 91T
205/70R14 98T
205/70R15 96T

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