Premium High Performance Tire

The Lexani LX-Twenty is Lexani’s newest Premium high performance tire, manufactured to perform on some of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world! The LX-Twenty represents the new generation of Ultra High Performance by providing excellent handling, enduring tread life and great traction at high speeds, in both wet and dry conditions. You can rest assured that the internal structure of the Lexani LX-Twenty is comprised of the most sophisticated technological advancements in tire manufacturing, utilizing the most modern state of the art manufacturing processes in the tire industry today.

30,000 Mile Limited Mileage Warranty

Treadwear: 320
Traction: A
Temp: A


Available in the following sizes:

Tire Size Road Rating
225/45ZR17 94/XL
245/40ZR17 95/XL
275/55R17 109
255/40ZR18 99/XL
285/35ZR18 101/XL
225/35ZR19 88/XL
225/40ZR19 93/XL
225/45ZR19 96/XL
235/35ZR19 91/XL
245/35ZR19 97/XL
245/40ZR19 98/XL
245/45ZR19 102/XL
255/30ZR19 91/XL
255/35ZR19 96/XL
255/40ZR19 100/XL
255/50ZR19 103
255/55R19 111/XL
255/60R19 109
265/30ZR19 93/XL
265/35ZR19 98/XL
275/30ZR19 96/XL
275/35ZR19 100/XL
275/40ZR19 105/XL
275/45R19 108/XL
215/30ZR20 82 XL
215/35ZR20 86 XL
225/30ZR20 85/XL
225/35ZR20 93/XL
Tire Size Road Rating
235/30ZR20 88/XL
235/35ZR20 92 XL
245/30ZR20 97/XL
245/35ZR20 95 XL
245/40ZR20 99/XL
245/45ZR20 103/XL
245/50ZR20 102
255/30R20 92/XL
255/40ZR20 101/XL
255/45ZR20 105/XL
265/30ZR20 94/XL
265/40ZR20 104/XL
265/45ZR20 104
275/30ZR20 97/XL
275/35ZR20 102/XL
275/40ZR20 106/XL
285/25ZR20 93/XL
285/30ZR20 99/XL
285/35ZR20 104/XL
295/25ZR20 95/XL
295/35ZR20 105/XL
305/25ZR20 97/XL
305/30ZR20 103/XL
325/25ZR20 101/XL
345/25ZR20 100
245/35ZR21 96/XL
245/40ZR21 100/XL
255/30ZR21 93/XL
Tire Size Road Rating
255/40ZR21 102/XL
265/40ZR21 105/XL
285/30R21 100/XL
295/35R21 107/XL
295/40ZR21 111/XL
235/30ZR22 90/XL
245/30ZR22 95/XL
255/30ZR22 95/XL
265/30ZR22 97/XL
265/40ZR22 106/XL
275/40ZR22 108/XL
285/25ZR22 95 XL
285/35ZR22 106/XL
285/40R22 110/XL
295/25ZR22 97 XL
305/25ZR22 103 XL
305/30ZR22 105/XL
305/35ZR22 110 XL
315/25ZR22 101/XL
255/25ZR24 95/XL
255/30ZR24 97/XL
275/23ZR24 96/XL
275/35ZR24 106 XL
295/25ZR24 102 XL
295/30ZR24 109/XL
295/25ZR26 102/XL
315/30R30 114/XL

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