Ultra High Performance Tire

Introducing the Lexani LX-307 high performance tire designed for the ultimate control, operation and all around enjoyable driving adventure.  Engineered with center staggered height on the central tread which enhances wet grip.  Redesigned Internal tread allows for enhanced water dispersion.  The strategic narrow longitudinal central tread provides a substantial increase in the surface contact.  Great cornering capabilities with fantastic control on dry surfaces.  If you’re looking for a super high performance sport series that is also safe and efficient, this is the tire for you!

40,000 Mile Limited Mileage Warranty

Treadwear: 320
Traction: A
Temp: A


Available in the following sizes:

Tire Size Road Rating
195/65R15 91
215/60R16 95
205/50ZR17 93/XL
215/45ZR17 91/XL
225/45ZR17 94/XL
225/50ZR17 98/XL
235/45ZR17 97/XL
235/50ZR17 100/XL
235/55ZR17 103/XL
225/45ZR18 95/XL
235/40ZR18 95/XL

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